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North County Oncology North County OncologyAt North County Oncology we understand that a comprehensive approach to treatment is crucial to a successful outcome. Every aspect of the care we provide is of the highest quality, delivered in a warm, welcoming environment. Our chemotherapy infusion room was specifically designed to provide a comfortable space that calms and supports our patients while they receive treatment. This space, described as "healing through architecture" by Dr. Oblon, was featured in the Wall Street Journal article A Treatment Room With A View. North County OncologyThe on-site pharmacy at North County Oncology supplies the newest, most effective chemotherapeutics and allows our physicians to provide immediate and decisive treatment. Our clinic also maintains a specialized therapeutic radioisotope area where radiopharmaceuticals are administered providing critical supportive care for those patients in need. North County Oncology is also proud to be the primary location for the Arts In Medicine Program. Founded by Dr Oblon, this rotating exhibition displays the works of both internationally recognized artists and local artists interested in supporting the healing process.

3617 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92056 T: 760.758.5770   F: 760.721.8597