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North County Oncology is dedicated to providing cancer treatments that include the newest advances in medicine. These new treatments would not be possible without carefully planned and controlled clinical trials which enable researchers to evaluate both safety and effectiveness. In order to assist the biomedical research community we are proud to participate in clinical trials for many different types of cancer.

About Clinical Trials
After the crucial discovery is made in the laboratory, researchers study a treatment for general effectiveness and safety. It is after this initial evaluation that further studies are needed to reveal if an experimental medicine has the potential to successfully fight cancer with as few risks as possible. Patients are given the option to participate in these clinical trials and possibly help the medical community discover the the newest advances in cancer treatment. It is important that each patient completely understand the trial, including the possibility of unknown outcomes, prior to beginning. Our research liaison and oncologists will explain the clinical trial and answer any questions you might have in order to help you decide if you would like to participate.

To view the complete list of our ongoing clinical trials, please click here. As research is a dynamic field, some of the clinical trials listed may already be closed but new trials are constantly being added, so ask us if you might be eligible.

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